How do you do raid invites??

July 18, 2009 at 3:40 am (Raid leading)

 My guild doesn’t use the tag casual. None of the officers really likes it, mostly because “casual” is far too often an excuse for playing poorly or short-changing your teammates. In my last guild “casual” too often meant “I expect to be carried through content and be damned if I will lift a finger to help myself out”.

In my view however, the demarcation of casual vs hard-core is simple. If you have an attendance requirement, you’re probably hard-core. Once you cross the line of compelling people to commit to raiding with you in advance, you’re probably on the hard-core side.

We don’t have an attendance requirement. That means that on any given raid night we range between 20 and 30 people who want to raid. Sometimes we have a very strong team with great composition and sometimes we don’t. I could say facetiously that no-one is guaranteed a raid slot but in reality, as I am both officer and raid leader, I almost always end up with the team I want for a particular encounter. Some people are guaranteed a spot if they want it, they just don’t really know it. Some people, usually the undergeared and / or underskilled, miss out more than others.

Recently I put a massive wall-of-text post on our forums detailing our (my) raid invite policy. [NOTE regular readers (lol) will quickly become used to the patented Silk Wall-o-Txt approach]. In it I committed to everyone taking a turn subbing out and a bunch of other things. In truth though I have no problems with any of my raiders personally, I just get tired of carrying their 2200 dps through 25 man Ulduar.

Therefore, if I need to find a reason to bench them, you better believe I will find it. I feel bad about it but in order for a guild to continue to function you need to both see new content and have fun doing it. If you are completely holding back one or the other then we got a problem.

This leads me to wonder, exactly how much actual control a raid leader has over their selections. Not how much the policy says they should have – what they actually do.


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