The people you meet on the forums

July 20, 2009 at 12:01 am (Funny things)

In the true spirit of the people in your raids , I present Silk’s list of people you meet on the forums.

These are the people who the developers of this game listen to daily – be very afraid.

The Shaman – every thread has at least 1 shammy who insists that no one spec or class has it as bad as the shammies do.  Bad single target healers?  Shaman are worse.  Can’t AOE tank effectively? Shaman tanks were deleted in beta.  You have haemorrhoids?  Shaman can only drop 1 totem per GCD!!! 

The Casual – despite the fact that this guy has enough time to respond to every thread on the forums each day, the Casual insists that any deficiencies in their gear, spec, achievements or social life are because Blizzard caters too much to the hard core.  Dammit if I want to raid naked with no talent points I should be able to.   Who has time for talent points anyway?

The Arena Master – has a 2000+ arena rating, you know this because its in every post that he makes.  Ask him what he had for breakfast and he’ll tell you he’s 3rd in his BG in 2’s.  Then he’ll call you a noob.

The Wanna-be – the Wanna-be is an average raider, in a reasonably well-progressed guild and he’s filthy about it.  He’s convinced he could give Ensidia a run for their money if his guild was just slightly less bad.  Has been in every raiding guild on his server and not once twigged to the fact that the only common reason for their “slow” progress is him.  Often posts about how bad his server is.

The Shining Light – the only person in the world who knows how to play the class properly.  Following his exact spec, rotation, glyphs and gear is the ONLY correct way to play, you hear me??

The Snob – don’t have a 2300 arena rating? You’re not allowed to have any opinion about pvp at all.  Haven’t killed hard mode Yogg-Saron?  Then you couldn’t possibly know about the serious struggles that raiders face.  His posts almost inevitably contain no facts or valid points but always have some variation of the words “GTFO noob”.

The Hard-core raider – fevently believes that “Blizz is catering to casuals” / “the game is too easy”.  It’s simply amazing the number of people who on the one hand post that the game is too easy and yet have failed to finish the content they claim is a pushover. 

The Other Class – how could an end-game raider be expected to know more about his class than someone who plays a different class entirely?  They can’t that’s how.  Its good then that the Other Class is there to imperfectly explain how things “really” work for a class he’s never played in an encounter he’s never seen.  One thing he is sure of though, you’re OP and in need of a nerf.

The Alt – some people post insightful comments on level 1 characters.  Most people though just troll.  Quite frankly you don’t look all that insightful….

The Quitter – buffs, nerfs, new icons, changes to quests, items or professions that he doesn’t have and isn’t interested in or even no changes at all – doesn’t matter, these exact changes were the ones that lead to the “cancellation of my subscription”.  You can feel the nerd rage from here…

The Fanboys – are so in love with Blizzard that you cause them deep emotional pain by disagreeing with anything they’ve ever said.  That’s their first love you are disagreeing with.  *Sigh* if only Blizz would return their calls… 

The Insane – you are quite literally reading the last thread of their sanity as it clings desperately to life.  One more nerf and you think that pally might just go postal.  Part of you wishes they would  get help but secretly you’re just praying for someone to set him off.


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