3.2 – Numberz

July 23, 2009 at 12:01 am (Paladin healing)

When talking about Holy Paladins, mana is returned in several different ways. What we might call the int / crit sources are:

  • Illumination (which returns 60% of a spell’s base mana cost for a crit);
  • Seal of Wisdom (which is a 4% mana return from a melee swing);
  • Divine Plea (25% of total mana over 15 sec); and
  • Replenishment (which is a 0.25% mana return per second).

Remember intellect provides both critical strike percentage and increases mana pool and is increased by buffs and talents. Mp5 of course returns a set amount of mana every 5 seconds.

From adding up fight timers from two of my WWS parses (I’ve picked a random full clear Naxx 25 and a half Ulduar 25 clear), I was fighting bosses for about 3,750 secs in Ulduar and 3,000 in Naxx.  Note I’ve rounded these numbers off slightly to make them less clumsy to work with.

Lets then look at mana return numbers (in a 3.1 world) H Ulduar

  • Illumination   515,000
  • Replenishment   190,000
  • Seal of Wisdom  135,000
  • Divine Plea     50,000

Meaning a total of nearly 900,000 mana regen vs an Mp5 (assuming 250 mp5) total of 190,000

H Naxx

  • Illumination   300,000
  • Replenishment   125,000
  • Seal of Wisdom  185,000
  • Divine Plea    20,000

In relation to the Naxx run the total is 630,000 vs 150,000 total from Mp5 (again assuming 250 mp5)

Obviously in both cases I was sparing on my divine plea use (and so there is a small amount of slack there).  Lets look at the Ulduar numbers again (assuming 3.2)

H Ulduar

  • Illumination 257,500 (goes from 60% to 30% ie reduced by 50%)
  • Replenishment 146,000 (96% of 152,000 – 25% nerf + intellect nerf)
  • Seal of Wisdom 130,000 (intellect nerf)
  • Divine Plea 43,000 (intellect nerf)

Meaning a total of 575,000 mana regen – almost a 40% reduction.  The 25% buff to mp5 (again assuming 250 mp5 but since blessing of wisdom is NOT getting buffed the buff would be, at best, 125% of 150mp5) results in an extra 37.5 mp5 for a total of 215,000.  This results in a net deficit of 300,000 mana or 400 mp5.  I could probably pick up another 100,000 mana from divine plea.  This is STILL 270 mp5 missing taking that into account.

H Naxx shows a deficit of 167,500 or 280 mp5 (the biggest reason for this difference? much more mana regen from seal of wisdom in Naxx, which isn’t being nerfed).

We can draw some conclusions from this data (which admittedly is both a small sample size and subject to my below average maths skills). 

  • The nerf to intellect and illumination is truly quite massive; I imagine it would roughly be the equivalent of stripping all the spirit of a holy priests gear
  • Over a 5 min fight I will lose something in the vicinity of 35,000 – 50,000 mana
  • Fights were the paladin cannot melee a target will be insanely tough on mana
  • Divine plea must be used on cooldown, every cooldown meaning for 25% of every fight a holy paladin will have the equivalent of a mortal strike debuff on every member of the raid

Would love any corrections on the maths – maybe I’ve missed something.  I know come 3.2 I’ll be missing something…


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