Raid lock-outs

July 25, 2009 at 12:01 am (Raid leading)

While 3.2 might be tough times for Silk Paladin Healing Co, Silk Raid Leading Enterprises Inc is looking at some fantastic additions to our portfolio.  One them is extendable raid lock outs.

Since everyone gets this completely wrong let me first explain my understanding of the changes (it would be ironic if I am wrong as well):

  1. an individual can choose to extend their own raid id for as long as they wish – indefinitely if they so choose;
  2. if they choose to extend their raid id, that instance will not reset on Tuesday night with the rest of them;
  3. one person extending their raid id in no way impacts any other holders of that raid id – you are NOT all automatically extended;
  4. If the raid leader is saved to an extended id, when you enter the instance you will be offered the choice to be saved to that id; and
  5. you can reset you’re extended raid id at any time provided that you have not undertaken any action that would otherwise save you to the raid instance since the reset time (ie if you extend the instance lock and then clear the instance you are locked until the next reset).

There are several degrees of awesomeness contained in this idea.  You’re guild (and mine) can now focus more on hard modes knowing that we can do a 2 week clear instead of restarting every week.  If for some reason your group misses a raid then you don’t have to battle through everything to get back to where you were.  People with limited raid time can still put in 3 nights to clear an instance -they can just do it over 2/3 weeks.

Predictably, those invested in their self-image as hard core raiders think this change is stupid.  I can’t for the life of me think why – remember all those casuals who said they would clear as much content as you if they could raid as often?  They are going to have that opportunity – and the excuse that you don’t have time to kill all the bosses has disappeared.
The other concern I see being raised is that people will miss the “gearing” bosses at the start of the instance.  First, who cares?  If someone else’s raid makes it harder on themselves by not gearing up it doesn’t affect you at all.  Second people think gear matters way more than it actually does. 

You know who needs gear?  Tanks need gear.  Mostly cause whether you dodge, parry, block or take a spiky mace in the ass is based on RNG not on skill.  Healing? 90% decision making, 10% gear (hard modes excluded).  DPS?  The biggest improvement most dps could make to their numbers is to spend 30 mins on EJ figuring out how to play.  The difference in gear from 1 tier to the next is NOT why you can’t down Kologarn.  Forget Naxx and learn the damn fights!

This change will let people spend more time learning the fights they need and waste less time clearing old content.


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