Warrior regeneration stats

July 27, 2009 at 10:50 am (Uncategorized)

I was reading a quite well thought out article by Matthew Rossi on wow.com this morning.  While I think he sometimes lacks perspective, he is usually articulate and knows his stuff.

This got me thinking about how regen is different for different classes.  Some classes (like warlocks and rogues) and some specs (like resto druids and, allegedly, holy paladins) have little or no concerns about resource management.  For other classes (eg mages) its been a massive concern since the inception of the game.  Now you could argue that arcane can “throttle” its mana usage (and to an extent that is true) but as soon as the throttle is anywhere but full dps suffers significantly.

Which brings us to warriors, who are on occasion rage starved and on other occasions getting hand cramps from trying to get rid of their rage.

Its difficult to have that much sympathy for warriors really.  Warriors were designed to be the best tank for 2 expansions yet, ineplicably, they were exempt from the hybrid tax (hai lolret).  That said, after a period of insane OPness in Naxx, warriors are at best 3 in the tanking stakes and behind on dps.

I did have a thought about how to change warriors.  At the moment some classes start with a full resource bar that depletes, others have an empty one that fills up.  No-one really has one that starts halfway.  Lets say, for example, that rage could work both ways.  That it could go both negative and positive and always tended to 0.   At 0 rage you’re doing tooltip damage, with normal rage generation (which generates from white damage, taking damage, block, parry etc).  Lets say you then reel off a couple of specials, burning rage so you are now at -50 rage.

At negative rage you gain haste (which would generate rage faster – more white hits) and you would actively generate more rage (either at a flat rate or more per swing) but you would do less damage (to stop people sitting at a massive negative and spamming specials).  Prot could have a talent gives you extra mitigation when you’re negative rage.

When you have positive rage you gain extra crit damage which scales with your rage level but your rage degenerates faster (tending to 0).

Why is this relevant to holy paladins you may ask?  Its because resource management is only valid if everyone has to do it.  Its not a “fun” mechanic to be limited in what you can do when others are not so limited.


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