When to start hard modes?

July 28, 2009 at 9:32 pm (Raid leading)

Right now my guild is completely on the fence about hard modes (10 man I mean).  Some of us (including me) think we should be pushing into the hard modes we can do.  This means all of them aside from Mimiron (which is uber hard), Freya (which requires co-ordination which is beyond us), Vezax (which is ridiculous) and Yogg (since we haven’t killed him that often).

So far we’ve completely FL+3 and Heartbreaker.  We’ve attempted IC, Thorim, Freya 1 (and I guess Hodir since we do that with 1 tank and 2 healers now).  We’ve done the stupid achievement fights for the meta (or most of them).

However, we are ambivalent about pushing them.  Its rare for us to give them more than 2 goes because there is always someone who wants to push for a fast full clear.  It doesn’t take too many wipes for a couple of other voices to join them.  At that point progression hard mode kills are that much harder anyway.  People know that a couple of wipes will see them moving on, usually for easy boss kills and phat lootz.

The problem is simple.  Take Steelbreaker – which isn’t that hard of a fight really.  It is however, reasonably long (since if you wipe you’ll wipe at about the 7 minute mark or so) which means a few attempts burns some serious time.

Now we don’t normal kill IC (or Ignis or Razor) until we’ve killed Yogg.  There are 7 bosses between IC and Yogg.  That’s a lot of raiding (and loot for those that are that way inclined) that you miss if you wipe for the night there.  Like most guilds (I’d wager) we don’t have set 10 man progression teams.  Our 10 mans are pretty much ad-hoc and so, while we run 3 a week, they clear very different amounts of content.

The one I lead will usually full clear (or go damn close).  I don’t pick the all “uber” raiders but usually I got a pretty ok group.  The other group will get blocked by the Keepers night after night.  You can also assume that our 25 man is blocked in the same spot most weeks.  As an aside, regardless of how strong I build the second group, it ALWAYS gets stuck there.

The third group, well, it’s the alts and triers raid.  It doesn’t go that far but it has a damn lot of fun.

Do we rotate everyone through my group until the whole guild has cleared (which is what we’ve done up to now) or do we keep the ball rolling with hard modes?

See I *want* to do hard modes.  I was the other group to be the clear group so I can work on getting the tough fights done.  I prefer 10s and I’d be willing to put more time into them, but if I can’t pick the group there aint that much point.  We don’t have a limitless pool of geared skilled raiders.

So what to do?


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