Performance standards

August 2, 2009 at 12:15 am (Raid leading)

Yeah, my guild doesn’t really have them.  The majority of my guild came from a guild that was aggressive about its “casual” status.  Not only did people expect completely equal invite rights (basically regardless of how poorly geared they were) but people expected the groups to be structured so that the geared, skilled raiders killed the same bosses as those undergeared, unprepared people.  People got pissed off if the “geared group” (which meant of course any group they weren’t in) got a guild first.

Vestiges of this attitude still remain in my new guild.  I am not sure how many other guilds have this problem, but we have too many healers and so we tend to farm our less good healers out to DPS.  Our tanks are held accountable somewhat (yeah I am a tank healer – I know when the tanks are fucking up).  Healers, well to be honest the further into Ulduar we go, the clearer the difference between the good healers and those guys who are just geared becomes.  The DPS though, outside of the top 6 or 7, is (was) awful.

In the last six weeks (because our 25 man progression was actually negative) I’ve started to try and make the DPS accountable.  It has been terrible, people are outright pissed at the mere suggestion that a measure of damage done / DPS should determine their raid spots.

I am definitely not anything like as demanding of the other people in my guild as I am of myself.  All the same though, I was increasing frustrated by the sloppy, lazy crap performances that some of the healers and a depressing number of the DPS have been putting out in Ulduar. 

It has worked, to a degree though.  Both last night and the week before our 25 man DPS was sufficient to get the quick shave achievement on Razorscale.  People still die to stupid shit (failbot – coming to a raid near you) but its getting better.

I, of course, get to feel like a prick because I am holding DPS to the first actual performance test most of them have faced since they started the game.  You know what?  Every heroic you did as an 80 healer (before getting raid gear) was a performance test.  That 25k health DK tank, he was your performance test.  DPS can get away with their 2.5k DPS cause the lock next to them is averaging 6k.

Is it worth the drama though?  Well I am not that sure…


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