How to use healbot

August 3, 2009 at 12:00 am (Paladin healing)

So B3 posted recently about his healing exploits and that there really isn’t a how-to type guide around for Healbot.  Since I use healbot like a fiend I figured I could whack some poorly arranged screenshots (in paint naturally) and explain how I got it set up.

Ok so here is a basic screenshot of my UI

image 1

You will see 2 poorly painted numbers.  These show the basic interactivity of Healbot with other addons (in this case ORA and Bartender)

This is a basic mouseover macro.  I have a 5 button mouse with a wheel.  Healbot likes the buttons (well it recognises them) but not so much with the mousewheel.  I have therefore added 4 macros to the mousewheel (you’ll see some macros below).  Healbot fully incorporates other keybound macros (I have used the key binding function in bartender so that I can shuffle macros in and out).  At the moment I have cleanse  and beacon (my two most cast in combat buffs) bound to mousewheel up and down respectively and hand of salvation and sacred shield bound to ctrl mousewheel up and down.

Using the tank assign buttons in ORA will autosort your Healbot to move the tanks to the top (this is good for tank healers particularly because you can position all tanks together to minimise mouse movement and increase reaction speed.


Image 2a

3   The most important thing about Healbot (the one which perhaps isn’t that well known) is that you can use macros in your spell slots.  Use the exact name of the macro and your golden

  Clicking smartcast out of combat will do things like rez, buff, heal etc with 1 click when not in combat.  Pretty useful, fairly standard

image 3a

5   Make sure that pets are checked and that tanks are too.  This will be important if you care about hunters (which I don’t but I do care about being seen to be a godlike healer (for fun I used to rez pets after combat before their hunters could – this impresses them enormously, but then so do the blinking lights on the microwave)

image 4aAs discussed above, here is a basic healbot macro.  In the days pre-wrath healbot used to use the tag [target=hbtarget] but now seems to support only [target=mouseover].  The text of the macro is

#showtooltip Holy Light
/cast Divine Favor
/use 13
/use 14
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast [target=mouseover] Holy Light

image 5a6  Here is a shot of the bars in action.   The thin red line is the person with agro (useful if you want to impress people by healing the warlock “tank” for a while) or allowing you to blast off a quick BoP (or bubble hearth if you are pugging).  Usefully it classifies people – green is good running through orange bad and black dead. 

7  One last thing to note is how the bars you are out of range of are greyed out.

Not sure how useful this is – if anyone  has any questions though I can try to answer them.



  1. Jafari said,

    Thanks for the guide.

    I’ve been using healbot for months, and you have some good stuff here — especially the aggro bar (which I don’t have turned on, and will do so) and the fact that you can use macros. I’ve been avoiding on use trinkets, favoring passive ones just for this reason, and have not been getting my use of divine favor. Time to start giving my macros names other than just a press of the spacebar!

  2. Jafari said,

    I have a question, actually.

    Do you ever use /castsequence macros in healbot? If so, which ones?

    I’m picturing something like

    /castsequence reset=5.5 [target=mouseover] Holy Shock, Flash of Light

    to make sure I’m at least casting something when Holy Shock is on cooldown and I mess up and click it.

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