Smashing it

August 6, 2009 at 12:15 am (Raid leading)

My latest 10 man shows both why preserving  with holding the DPS accountable is both good and bad.

We have had a few raids in a row that were just fantastic, at a level above what we had been doing prior to this.  Our 25 man went in and one shot all the bosses we’d been struggling with, then we had a day of a drama all over our forums.  At the end of the day I am feeling pretty down about it all, I mean I like these guys and I don’t enjoy pissing them off.  I don’t think its that unreasonable and, quite frankly, the people who are getting pissed off about this stuff are the exact same people whose DPS is so inexplicably low.

Raid time rolls around and I am late logging on – I jump on, grab an invite and get lead dumped to me (as you do) there is 1 tank, 1 healer (2 with me) and 15 DPS.  Sort out a 10 man huh? fantastic…  So I start shuffling groups, pushing people off on to their alts.  Pretty soon we’ve got 2 10 mans ready.  More drama.  People are unhappy with the groups (surprise), amazingly choosing to complain bitterly about the most even aspect of the groups (the DPS).  I zone in and am already feeling tired of this run… and then we just tear it up!

We 1 shot FL+3, then 2 shot heartbreaker (neither of which were progression kills but its rare to get them this right (it was only the 2nd time we’d done heartbreaker).  Then things just started to get silly.  We kill Kologarn in 2 minutes and head off to Iron Council to try the hard mode.  I’ve wiped on that hard mode for at least 3 full raid nights and that was with 3 healers.  Tonight we only have 2 and we wipe once on the first phase cause the middle guy has a burst shield in a blue circle and noms on our OT (who, while a quite skilled tank, is a DPS in tanks clothing).

Then we came back and smashed it to pieces.  An easy, clean kill, no worries at all.  Walk off to Auraiya, 1 shot.  Head to Hodir, by this stage I got this feeling that we are on a roll.  I obliquely suggest to our Druid healer that he dust off his moonkin spec and maybe we’ll see if we can 1 heal it for the achievement.  3 attempts later and I have the first sigil.  What ought we do as an encore?  I don’t know, how about 2 shot Thorim hard mode??

1 night, 5 hard modes, 3 progression kills, 2 sigils and maybe, just maybe, proof that accountability and performance standards on the DPS isn’t the worst thing in the world.


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