Do heroics – make a sandwich

August 11, 2009 at 12:11 pm (Doing stupid things in instances)

The new glut of badges from dailies brings me out of heroic retirement and into the daily most days.  Outside the new instance (which is brutal on healers and mostly fine on everyone else) healing is… a little different now I am in t8/8.5.  Especially when my tank is in full t8.5

This was my heroic violet hold run…

Portal 1 – apply sacred shield, beacon and hot – wait for damage… add dead, new portal

Portal 3 – reapply sacred shield and beacon (screw the hot) – dps the portal guardian

Portal 4 – apply sacred shield, beacon and hot – go and make toast

(toast pops halfway done – reapply toasting)

Portal 6 – completely missed the last portal and am now slightly out of position.  Come back and apply hot etc thinking boss will be harder


Boss fight starts – 36 seconds later – boss dead

(toast pops again – liberally apply reheated leftovers)

Portal 7 – apply buffs and eat, forget completely about fighting for a minute

Portal 10 – have pulled my taunt button out onto my bar and am annoying the tank with it. 

Portal 11 – pull one mob from the trash pack out of los from tank and laugh.  DPS pulls agro on this mob – heal DPS (warlock) while they tank

Portal 15 – wonder if I should eat pies for afternoon tea, ignore healing

Portal 18 – run around the dragon healing naked (not really), type /sleep and get pulled to the boss lying down (actually happened)

Well you gotta get your badges on right?


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    […] Most bloggers are NOT that far along the progression line – they are thinkers about the game, not doers.  That almost all female bloggers are hot in my imagination (and in real life as I understand it) – apparently I like intellectuals.  That not every idea is a post (and apparently not every post has an idea).  That I post more often when I am pissed about something.  That I like toast…. […]

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