How long is too long?

August 18, 2009 at 1:51 pm (Raid leading)

Apologies for the sparse posts lately.  A lot going on (both in WoW and out) – closing in on the Algalon chain (just Firefighter left now) and the Proto-drake.  Not to mention 14 hour work days, weekend work and public holidays and a cheeky VR program at the edges.

I’ve got a grand unifying theory post (probably in several parts) that I am working on, which I hope will be a meaningful insight into the state of Holy Pallies (as I see it).

In the meantime I want to talk about how many attempts you give a boss before you move on.  If you are stuck at a particular boss (or hard mode) you need to go further how many times do you bash your head into the wall before you stop?  Perhaps more importantly, how many times should you do this?

Take our raid night before last – we mashed our head into a certain hard mode more than 25 times.  Over and Over again and we only made the last phase once.  By the end of the night the things I’d thought we’d mastered we had regressed from.  It was a surreal experience.  Come our latest raid night and we nearly one shot the thing and got it in 3 attempts.

So the question is this.  Did we

  1. imprint the actions and movements so clearly in our brains from all those attempts that we just “knew” what to do?
  2. finally get the lucky combination of spawns and dice that got us there?
  3. waste a heap of time the first night because we got tired and sloppy?

See I think it was mostly 1 (but unquestionably with some 2).   The single best way I know to learn something like the complicated group movement required for hard modes is to do them and keep doing them until you “get” it.  Its the trouble with some of the earlier Ulduar hard modes – you have so many other bosses and other loot that spending time learning how to do easier bosses in harder ways hardly seems justified.  No-one wants to learn til you get it.

Which is why, having fought for basically an entire expansion for this chance, I am so grateful that I finally have a team of people (that I am allowed to build a team of people) who are keen to learn the fights and try things until they get it.  Algalon + the drake – its a goal that we really want.   Something as tangible as you can get in an intangible world that shows what you can do when you put your mind to it and work as a team.  Its a lesson that everyone who plays this game (hell just everyone) should learn really.


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