Still more H ToC

September 8, 2009 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized)

Addition of a 49k druid tank and an OP Pally Tank (another else think that expression is weird) got us through phases 1 and 2 consistently.

But we can’t dodge the charge.

Like at all.

Oceanic latency ftw!

I’ve read that tanking the boss in the middle of the room will give us a precious half second extra.  To be honest we just need 2 stuns and we are in with a show.  We dropped a healer (my druid came back) and it was easier 2 healing it than 3 (I averaged 5.5k EHPS for the night).  Just gotta figure out the charge now.

I do think that warrior tanks are falling well behind at the moment.  I hear that DKs are also struggling.  In my mind that is not so much of a problem.  Mostly because no single aspect of DKs have been balanced this entire expansion.  They weren’t just the best tanks – they were by FAR the best tank for two patches.  Clearly they are just cutting up PVP too.  Their dps is as high as any hybrid (higher probably).  So they have been overnerfed.  Deal with it.  Warriors though have consistently struggled this entire expansion.  They were better than pallies to be sure (mostly because of their extra cooldown) but at best 3rd.  Now 4th and struggling.

If you look at the “insta-gib” threads and posts re Gormok (including mine) they mostly feature Warrior tanks.  To me, as a healer, its pretty clear they need another look.  They have low threat, the lowest EH (again I don’t really heal DK tanks so I can’t comment there) and cooldowns don’t seem as dominant now (especially since, with the beasts in particular, the pally auto-cooldown is clearly superior – mostly because its always up so to speak).  Not sure what the answer is – I really hope that the answer is not to nerf pallies.  To be honest its about f’ing for pally tanks.  Until now they have always been the worst main tanks in the game.  Outside of quick threat and multi-mob tanking, paladins have been inferior tanks – unless you wanted to AOE a heroic, you didn’t want a pally.

Anyway, our raids have been quite short these last few weeks.  We cleared 25 VoA but couldn’t get another 25 team together.   We’re recruiting but isn’t everyone?


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