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September 12, 2009 at 2:56 am (Paladin healing)

So I realised that I haven’t done one of those annoying “why I spec this way” things – excellent!

I am dual specced holy – holy.

Spec 1 – 51/20/0 – Sacred shield + Divine Guardian

Tier 1 – 5/5 Spiritual  Focus

Easy decision this, the other talent is a dps talent

Tier 2 – 3/3 Healing Light, 5/5 Divine Intellect

Again, a pretty easy call.  Other choice is a pvp talent – these two are clutch (some of the very few seriously good holy talents – on the 2nd tier no less).

Tier 3 – 1/1 Aura Mastery, 5/5 Illumination, 2/2 Improved lay on hands

The first points of contention.  I think Aura Mastery is a must have talent.  Its basically an extra cooldown for any fight where you use any of your auras.  Hodir, Mimiron, Koralon, Ignis, Razorscale…. we could go on for ever.  Must have.   Illumination, nerfed to hell but still better than the alternatives.  Improved lay on hands, I generally use lay on hands as a CD rather than a mana pot.  The glyph of divinity gives me a half benefit anyway.  The damage taken reduction is nice but 4 mins off CD means its up every other attempt.

Tier 4 – 2/2 Blessing of Wisdom

There are a couple of valid reasons to drop these points, there are some that are specious.  The valid reasons – you’re the only paladin in your raid group usually (so most of the time you buff kings), you raid with another holy paladin who has this talent or you have so many shaman that you have more than 1 per group (not raid, group).  The invalid reason – shaman totems no longer stack with it (you get way more benefit out of having the shammy drop healing stream, despite it being group wide, than any other 2 talents points will get you).  Improved concentration aura is mostly useless as pushback is a non-issue.  Blessed hands isn’t terrible but an extra 10% on your hand of sacrifice (which you really don’t use that much anyway) isn’t clutch.  Meh take it if you want it I guess.

Tier 5 – 1/1 Divine Favor, 3/3 Sanctified Light

100% crit talent is not actually as useful as it seems.  Even in Naxx I was averaging 50% crit rate but its not the worst talent.  Macro it to HS and forget about it.  Sanctified light is solid throughput (well to the minor extent that crit is throughput) but still a reasonable talent notwithstanding the Illumination nerf.  Pure of heart is a pvp talent.

Tier 6 – 5/5 Holy Power

More crit – its almost like the holy tree was built around crit or something?  Not sure what purifying power is for – pvp I guess.

Tier 7 – 3/3 Light’s grace, 1/1 Holy Shock

Light’s grace is pretty clutch – reduced casting time on HL ftw.  Holy shock is something I use more than I should but dammit if my raiders don’t just love that warm toasty fire.  Blessed life is pvp.

Tier 8 – 5/5 Holy Guidance

Spellpower isn’t that useful but this is basically free.  It amounts to about 300 SP or so which aint anything to write home about for 5 talent points.

Tier 9 – 1/1 Divine Illumination, 5/5 Judgements of the Pure

Making up for tiers of rubbish are two fantastic talents. Half price spells rock and 15% haste? yeah that is teh sex.

Tier 10 – 2/2 Infusion of Light, 1/2 Enlightened Judgements

Yes 1/2 Enlightened judgements.  You know what? I miss the hit more than the range!  As a healing paladin addicted to abusing the crap out of seal of wisdom I want to be in melee range all the time I can.  Anytime that works I am happy pally.  Anyway the only time I have missed the range is that I can’t “accidently” judge the next trash pull so they come to the group.  The hit is slightly less good to lose but I only seem to miss judgements on the faction champions fight anyway.  As for infusion, it was an absolute beast of a spell.  Ripping a crit HS followed by a near instant HL was awesome.  Now?  well I try to like instant FoL’s but I don’t much like casting FoL to begin with.  Its taken but only to get to the end of the tree.

Tier 11 – 1/1 Beacon of Light

The fact that you basically waste 30 points deep into the holy tree just for this talent is a bit sad.  Its OP at the moment and is bound to be nerfed. 


Tier 1 – 5/5 Divinity

Its a flat healing increase – but also mostly overhealing.  I think its a better option now after the Illumination nerf but that really just means the other talents got worse, not this got better.  To be fair, beacon transfering overhealing helps this talent for anyone who used to mostly beacon heal (especially in 10s).

Tier 2 – 2/2 Guardian’s favour

Take guardian’s favour because every so often the reduction on the CD of Hand of Protection is useful.  Not that often.  In any event you need to burn 5 talent points someone in the second tier so you might as well take this.  You’ll note that I haven’t put any more points up.  Quite frankly it doesn’t matter worth a damn where you put the other 3 points.

 Tier 3 – 1/1 Divine Sacrifice, 4/5 Toughness

Divine Sacrifice is why you are in this tree to begin with.  As for toughness, let me put it you this way, you’re in melee range a lot, that extra armor aint gonna hurt none know what I am saying?  Besides we have to get to Tier 4.

Tier 4 – 2/2 Divine Guardian, 3/3 Improved Devotion Aura

Divine Guardian, why come this far without getting this talent?  As for improved devotion aura + healing is pretty win (6% for 3 points is a good pay off too) and this is useful if you don’t have a pally tank.

Spec 251/5/15  – the key focus of this spec is throughput / longevity.  Raw healing over mitigation.  The holy tree remains the same (you may want to spec some or all of the way into Divinity as well – like I have).


Tier 1 – 5/5 benediction

Sacred shield (which isn’t that useful in this spec), beacon (which is) and HS are all instants.  As are a bunch of other situationals.  Take this and be happy.

Tier 2 – 3/3 heart of the crusader, 2/2 improved blessing of might

Heart of the crusader is a useful buff on the boss (especially since you want to judge a lot) but almost certain to be provided by someone else in my raids.  Blessing of might, well its useful to have and you need to go deeper into the tree anyway.  While you want to judge a lot, it doesn’t need to be so much you want to reduce the cooldown. 

Tier 3 – 5/5 conviction

The reason why you are this deep into the tree to begin with.  5% crit used to be awesome.  Not so much now.  Some people (not me) swear by pursuit of justice for the next two points.  While I am on board, conceptually, with the idea that faster movement speed = more healing (less time dodging fire means more time casting heals means more throughput).  I am not sold that you need so much movement speed.  I have tuskarr’s on my boots (I mostly run holy/prot anyway) which is better in my view.  Less run speed sure but you only give up less than 1/2% crit rather than 2% increased healing (from the points you could spend in divinity). 

Tier 4 – 3/3 Sanctity of battle *OPTIONAL*

Yay its crit.  Moar crit = moar power.  Except it kind of doesn’t any more.  It used to be pretty clear that either 51/2/18 or 51/0/20 were the top specs because of the mana returns from Illumination.  I think you may get more benefit for these points elsewhere (eg Divinity).

And we’re done!!


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