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September 23, 2009 at 12:07 pm (Uncategorized)

So I’m in a new guild, my 4th guild since commencing raiding and, I am sorry / pleased to say, the first time I have /gquit without destroying the guild.  How did I get here?  The how is not nearly as important (if I can use that word) as the why.  That is a long story (/cokezero  /popcorn)

When I joined my first guild (lets call them Laid Back – not sure why I am bothering with the anonymity any more anyway, the Internets know who I am!) I was basically geared to the end of Kara.  I have several badge pieces and the 5 piece tailoring epics.  Which meant that I could theoretically hit T5 and hold my own.  I didn’t want to do that for several reasons.  I had never really seen Kara, I’d never done either Gruul’s or Mags and I didn’t think it was right to skip a whole tier – especially the first one.  So I looked mostly for a casual guild raiding T4 (I was guildless having just moved back from overseas – dinged 70 while living in London, playing on an Aussie server).  Laid Back was advertising in trade for members, I spoke to the recruiter (then the guild’s number 2 tank), got invited and commenced wiping for the better part of 3 hours on normal Slabs.  Welcome to your new guild.

That said, the raid team was surprisingly good.  We basically one shot, full cleared Kara (sans dragons) the first time I went in.  At the time Laid Back had about 15 raiders, a very casual approach to raiding but some very skilled players (ex-hard core raiders from vanilla wow).  We expanded looking for more members with the hope of making a 25 team (Kara being the only 10 man raid at the time).  We started running a 2nd Kara team, we joined other guilds for combined runs (one of which moved me from “a” raid leader to “the” raid leader but that is another story).

Then the bombshell hit – one of our best healers and one of our best tanks left the guild to join 25 man guilds.  At this point I’d never really seen anyone leave a guild before (not one of the core group anyway).  We were, in my view, at most a month from a full 25 man team.  This was where we made a critical error.  The remaining officers, myself included, decided we would keep pushing on in the belief that we would get our 25 together anyway.

It’s amazing how long an unstable force can sustain itself as long as everyone believes it is the only option.  People will maintain the status quo despite being unhappy provided that they think its the best alternative (especially if they never consider any other alternatives).

We refused to accept these guys leaving as what it was (an acknowledgement that, despite our best efforts, we weren’t going to succeed) instead stubbornly believing that we were just set back a week.  The guild never truly recovered.  For months and months the officers pushed themselves into Kara (usually twice a week – mains and alts) with undergeared. poorly skilled recruits.  We lost them by scores as they got gear and moved to more progressed guilds.   We came close twice, once when we should have merged into another similarly sized guild and the final time when, by sheer weight of numbers we got 25.

We went to Mags, trusting that we had 5 people at least who were competent enough to click cubes.  We didn’t have sufficient dps to get the 2nd channeller before the boss spawned.  We wiped 7 times with the top dps being under 600 and the average dps sitting at about 250.  I wrote a scathing indictment on the raid on the forums, deleted it and stated my intention to gquit henceforth.  I was prevented from doing so because the core raiders all expressed a desire to do the same pretty much immediately.  En masse we joined a new guild (lets call them Fight Club).

Fight Club are (unlike Laid Back this guild still exists, mostly in name only) agressively casual.  My experience there, while in my view interesting, doesn’t impact the story (which is long enough already) so lets skip forward.  Basically the GM and some of the senior raiders didn’t see eye to eye and after some mild drama (mostly epeen about being the most casual, and therefore the most deserving), pretty much all of the raiders from Fight Club formed a new guild (lets call this guild Frost Nova).

Frost Nova had promise.  There were (and still are) some fantastic raiders in that guild.  However it suffers greatly from a lack of true focus (this is as much my fault as anybody).  There is no main purpose which all acts are consistent with.  So many raiders slip through the cracks.  Lately the guild had been mired in a no progression slump in 25s.  Since no progression occurred in 25s people became very jealous of the 10s progression (see previous post).   Worse still the officers seemed to lose trust in each other. 

So we called an officer meeting.  I was blunt.  I said in my view the guild was on the verge of falling apart and that the raid team simply wasn’t good enough, wasn’t cohesive enough and generally wasn’t capable of 25s progression beyond the point we had reached (basically the point we had been at for 2+ months).  The other officers felt like “rebuilding”, trying to train and gear new recruits to the standards necessary.  Putting a halt to hard mode progression.  They also wanted to couple this with a complete disassociation of 10s from 25s (allowing the officers to run their own 10s).  Again I was blunt, I said that I didn’t think that rebuilding was likely to be successful and that an officer run clique was doomed for failure. 

Obviously, having tried it before I simply couldn’t commit to this again.  I didn’t want to continue to struggle for numbers, struggle for talent.  I applied for my new guild that night.  I didn’t hide this from my old guild (who were surprisingly supportive when I feared they would view this as a betrayal).  I was accepted on the weekend and my nearly 2 year association with a good portion of the core group of raiders (the same guys from Laid Back) ended.

I am really hopeful that this will work out.


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