4 piece Tier 9?

October 6, 2009 at 2:56 pm (Paladin healing)

I have 150 triumph badges in my possession.

I have no pieces of tier 9 currently.

Realistically in the next month I am likely to see 2/3 max trophies.

What do I do?

The biggest issue is that neither of the tier 9 set bonuses are overwhelmingly good.  The two piece set bonus (increased judgment duration by 10 sec) is just ridiculous, put in by someone who has no idea how to play a holy paladin.  If I am judging at all then I am doing so as often as I can (cause its free mana assuming that I can’t seal of wisdom to victory).  Almost always before the original buff expires.  In any event you should never rely on a holy paladin to keep up a judgement buff if you can afford it – its why *no* important buffs are given to healing specs. 

The tier 9 4 piece bonus is less straightforward.  Doubling the value of the hot from FoL is certainly interesting conceptually.  I had a look at a couple of recent logs to see what my hot uptime / throughput is

10m ToC clear – 3.8% of total heal (44% uptime, 65% overheal – average tick is slightly under 200)

VoA, some Ulduar and Ony – 3.1% of total heals (52.5% uptime, 80% overheal – average tick is 100)

First half Ulduar (incl Leviathan) – 2% of total heals (27% uptime, 70% overheal – average tick 185)

So the hot is a long way from groundbreaking.   Since it sits at or around 70% overhealing and 3% of total healing we are looking at a maximum benefit of 1-2% of total heals from the set bonus.  To get the 4 piece tier 9 I am probably going to have to take 2 pieces of tier 9.1

Now there are only 2 pieces available from badges that are non-set.  These two pieces (provided I get the mail helm, which you better believe I will) are quite well itemised. 

The reason I have been hesistating to commit to breaking my tier 8 bonus is that if I can pick up 1 or 2 “free” pieces / trophies now then it may be worth holding the badges in the hope that I can somehow score the remaining pieces quickly.  I don’t believe that the tier 8 bonus is that strong, despite world of logs insistence, I don’t think that the extra proc is useful given that most bosses swing at 2.0 secs or slower and most tanks dodge or parry every other hit.  I am mostly in 219 tier (3/4 pieces) though so the upgrade to the 245s will more than outweigh that change.

This will then give me the ability to take offset pieces from ToC with impugnity, chasing itemisation rather than trophies.  There just aren’t enough trophies to go around.  I’ll have enough badges to get the pieces should some of those trophies fall my way anyway (another full clear of ToC on 10s and 25s will put me back to 60 even after buying the remaining offset pieces). 

I’ve basically stopped running the daily now, I doubt I’ll bother with it at all if I decide to go non-tier.


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