An interlude with the dark side

October 8, 2009 at 12:00 am (Alts, Mage)

My crappy dk dinged 80 recently.  I picked up 7 or 8 epics within 2 hours of dinging.  I could probably fake achievement my way into a VoA pug now!

I don’t begrudge people easy epics though, despite having to grind my gear out to a certain extent.  After all gear is simply a means to an end, someone else having as good (or better) gear than me doesn’t make me any worse a healer.  It certainly doesn’t make them any better.

DKs still, after all the nerfs, feel very strong.  I’ve never specced or played my pally ret (shocking I know) – I levelled prot to 70 and then holy to 80 – but I imagine that a ret pally and a DK play much the same.  Sitting around waiting for either procs or abilities (or runes) to come of cooldown.  DK rotations are a bit less “whack whatever is off CD” and more “hit A, then B then mash C until A and B are ready again”.  Melee dps is of course a painful exercise in dancing around mobs (tanks NEVER stand still).

I had a very small amount of levelling energy recently, all of which went into my DK.  I originally worked hard (it felt like a REAL struggle let me tell you) to get him to 65 so he could pick up 2 max level trades to benefit my other toons.  He got there (and only learnt one profession – one I also then took up on my main, fuck hodir AND his sons – and then sat there for a *long* time.  I am still not sure where the motivation to level him came from.  I find myself not spending so much time outside of raids on my pally.  I do raid reasonably often, but given my badge situation and my lack of interest in PvP there tends to be little point in sitting around on him. 

I am not sure where this all leads to however.  I have my original 80 mage.  I actually raided him again on the weekend.  He is in just awful gear at this point in the expansion.  I still have BLUES!! In fact some stupid wanker in the raid spammed a gear score mod before the raid and I was last!  I finished 5th on DPS though.  4.3k DPS in Naxx 10 gear.  Stick that up your collective.  I find raiding as arcane fun and so it wasn’t that bad as something different to do (I was much to sick to go out into the real world).   I do NOT have any interest, time or inclination to raid two toons in two guilds though.  Which defeats any purpose in continuing to gear either my DK or my mage.  Sure its fun to have a geared alt and belt through things in a different role but I LIKE healing.  I also like having weekends off raiding. 

I’ll probably partially gear my DK as a “something to do when not raiding” but once that becomes too time consuming I’ll almost certainly stop, even if the dark side does have better cookies…


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