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October 13, 2009 at 7:15 am (Raid leading)

So not an allergic reaction – something about viral illness etc.  I knew I was sick the Friday before last because I couldn’t even log on.  Its a rare day that I am too sick for anything.  Supposed to be gone in the next couple of days.  Bout time I look like I have fucking leprosy.

Dropped my first two wall of text posts on my new guild’s forums.  Yeah I am that guy who spends half his life typing shit on your guild forum that no-one will ever read.  I hope they do read it though cause last night was fucking ordinary and there are some key people who need to seriously improve if we are going to get anywhere in H 10man ToC.

Yeah last night was bad.  In fact this week has been tough.  Difficult to get the hang of raiding with, and leading, a new crew.  Only made a couple of mistakes that I could see.  The biggest one was that I listened to what the rest of the raid said about swapping targets in faction champs (we should always have killed the shammy first).  I should have stuck with my original instinct.   Had to rejig our Anub strat – hopefully it will work this time.  Going to be fucking tough on the healers but I’ve rarely put out a strat variation that wasn’t (some things never change – good news is I can lean as heavily on the healer core in the new guild as I could in the old one).

The most important lesson learned from the first week?  Who you should listen to when they tell you “I died because of x”.  Some players you should listen to because it shows a flaw in the strategy, something to watch for.  Others, well to be polite it seems like they die very, very regularly in very extraordinary circumstances. 

Of course it didn’t greatly help that we had an ugly group of opponents – a prot warrior also offers something insane on that fight, or would have if we had one.  We had no-one who could reliably lock down their heals.  Fucking sad panda.   It didn’t help that our clothies stayed in the middle of the floor like they were fucking nailed there.  Some of them (our gun disc priest especially) were brilliant at kiting the dangerous (read: melee) adds out of the middle and surviving.  Others?  they’d get run over by a fucking glacier and all the while be insisting that they didn’t have time to move.

Vudho goes ok.  Not great but ok.  Current set up ensures that I focus much more on my assignments (tanks much closer to the middle of the screen).  Lose a little bit of raid healing but probably a bonus.  There are a lot of options, most of which I turn off.  Don’t need any of that shit.  Since I bound all the same spells to the same keys its not that big of a transition.

Guild is a little stuck.  Need a solid progression kill this week.  In truth I think we need to fuck Ulduar right off and hit H ToC 25s hard.  People are sick of Ulduar and we aren’t getting anywhere anyway.  I got some ideas around a 2 tank, 5 healer strat that might make up for our slight lack of DPS on beasts.  I am trying to convince the GM to be a bit more agressive on where we go and what we do.  I tend to get 10-15 attempts into something before I’ll admit it won’t work.  Our GM won’t send us in if we don’t have the best group for it.  Mostly a DPS issue since we have eleventy billion healers now.

Of course we’d have better DPS if we didn’t lose 3 or 4 to dc’s every fight.  ToC = most bugged instance this expansion. 

You wonder how your group members take being sat for fights.  Not all the officers agree on who should be in when of course.  You wonder if the healers know, for example, when the healing lead has their back (so to speak).  Numbers don’t matter that much but the healing lead seems to have a strong handle on who the strong performers are.  Not that the strongest group always gets in.  I sat 2/3 people who struggled ball watching for twins but we did one shot it.  I am still coming to grips with who are the most reliable performers.  I got a different perspective on that too since I have only come to the guild recently. 

At least we can say we’ve done the “learning” part of H 10 ToC now (half our group hadn’t done a single fight).  The expectations are higher come tomorrow – after all tomorrow is a new raid week.


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