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October 21, 2009 at 5:35 am (Uncategorized)

You know what is worse than a guild exploding from drama?  A nice guild slowly dying.

Its happening everywhere of course.  Basically I think it comes down to the massive gap between normal modes and hard modes.  Until very recently only 2 guilds (1 horde and 1 alliance) had killed the first boss in H ToC 25.  Normal ToC 25 is puggable.  This means that there are literally thousands of players on my server who have full cleared normal and 50 who have cleared the first boss on heroic.

What do guilds do who 1 shot everything on normal easily but can’t even dent heroic?  Ulduar is old content, there simply isn’t widespread enthusiasm anywhere for smashing into Ulduar hard modes.  Fights like Freya +3 require a LOT of learning time.  Those people with limited time or who are gear oriented simply don’t / won’t do it.  

The other issue is that, after years of raiding (and towards the end of the expansion) people are simply burning out.  Most of your serious / top tier raiders seem to be the TBC generation.  Sure there are people around from vanilla but I get the impression that the majority cut their teeth in kara.  Kara is 3 years ago now.  People are just over it.

ToC has not helped.  Its far too clearly stop-gap content.  A semi raid tossed in to level out the gear curve.  Something to occupy people while IC is built.  Some of the fights are poorly designed (faction champs, icehowl pre-nerf) and the difficulty level is extremely non-linear (eg beasts is much harder than jaraxxus, heroic anub exceeds the difficulty of the other fights by an order of magnitude).

Its a shame because my interest in raiding has been rekindled to an extent by moving into a more serious raid team.  Its eye opening that they are suffering the same problems that we were in my old guild, especially with regards to solid attendence.  More to come here for sure.



  1. Pugnacious Priest said,

    It was bad timing for yourself and some others, but even last night with 24 people in raid it was clear to see that there was a problem, but we shall see where the next adventure takes us!

  2. The year in review « WoW – Silk's Blog said,

    […] had that rant saved up since BC.  I think that paladins ARE the most disliked class in the game.  This post on the state of raiding and the vast chasm between normal and hard modes is almost insightful.  […]

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