Enchanting – you cheap, cheap bastards

November 3, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Uncategorized)

God I am lazy.  I was pissed about this just the other day and now not so much.  Maybe that makes for better articles, but motivation is always lower.  Perhaps that why I seem to be complaining alot.  I only really have the motivation to post about shit that pisses me off.

Anyway, my main is not an enchanter.  My previous main IS an enchanter.  The tl:dr version?  People who aren’t enchanters are generally cheap bastards.

I levelled enchanting on my then main because it was (and arguably still is) THE premiere profession.  Jewelcrafting has come close, by and large these days the right gems are as important as the right enchants.  Having your gear enchanted, with the right enchants (the best enchants) was what separated raiders from the mouth-breathers.

Even then it was expected  that enchanters would donate their skills to the group, free of charge.  I remember levelling my enchanting early in wrath.  Each point cost 600g in mats from about 415 to 440.  I did it because our guild needed an enchanter to raid.  People used to ask how I was so poor when we started raiding (because levelling generated thousands of gold) it was solely because of enchanting.  No other profession cost anything like as much as that.

No other profession is expected to give the fruits of their labour free.  No other profession actually DOES it either.  How many leatherworkers use drums in their heroics?  How many engineers drop bots at the start and end of each instance?  Alchemists who give out pots for everyone or even just use them for themselves?  Some do for sure but most don’t.  Gatherers have said for as long as I can remember two things

  1. If not for the other people in the run, the shards wouldn’t exist so they shouldn’t just be the enchanters (the group effort argument)
  2. The herbs / ore / skins would be worthless without the gatherer therefore there is no reason to split them, unlike the blues and epics, which have a value (the intrinsic value argument)

 Lets ignore, just for a second, the contradiction implicit in those two arguments (you can’t get the fucking herbs by yourself either) and deal with the math.

Scenario 1 – no enchanter, 5 man group


  1. Shards are worth 20g (blue) and 40g (epic)
  2. Blues vendor for 10g and epics 15g
  3. 4 bosses drop a blue and 1 drops a blue and an epic

Epected value from each boss (non-epic) = 1/5 * 10g – (represents an equal chance for each group member to get a blue item that vendors for 10g)

Epected additional value from last boss = 1/5 * 15g

Total value 4*(1/5*10g) + 1/5*15 + 1/5*10 = 13g

Scenario 2 – same group with enchanter

Epected value from each boss (non-epic) = 1/5 * 20g – (represents an equal chance for each group member to get a blue shard)

Epected additional value from last boss = 1/5 * 40g

Total value 4*(1/5*20) + 1/5*40 + 1/5*20 = 28g

Which means the enchanter more than doubled the groups expected value!  Apparently that is worth 0g however.

I remember when abyss crystals were selling for 150g- 200g.  Still worth nothing.

The fact is that it is unquestionably cheap not to give enchanters something for this.  If you freely contribute your professions consumables to the run then you’ve earnt the shards.  If you don’t then you should do something to earn them.

Now I am aware that this is not the norm.  I’ve never been tipped for d/e’ing during dungeons or raids.  I’ve always done it and never asked for anything.  I don’t even really mind, despite it being unfair, because it no longer costs me anything.  What pisses me off is fucking dual gatherers pretending not only is it fair that enchanters alone donate services free but they are somehow expected to do so free and not complain ever.

People have getting this for nothing for so long that it no longer has value.  You know what?  How about you shut up about how enchanters owe it to you to d/e your shit and occasionally fucking thank them for contributing gold to you for nothing.  Better still fucking donate some of that ore – or at least acknowledge that there is no real difference in an enchanter turning your 2g into 6g (via d/e’ing) or you turning 0g into 4g (via mining).



  1. Pugnacious Priest said,

    I only got the enchanting receipes that me or my alts would use from the vendor. I didn’t want to spend gold on stuff I couldnt use, and people still ask do you have … No.. why not? – you going to buy it for me? … no.

    One advantage at the moment of being a guild enchanter though is getting the chants that have been dropping in Toc/Ulduar.. it all means squat though that the guild is no longer, but at the time Vals services were used often

  2. silk82 said,

    Absolutely – there is a strong value for a guild in having a completely stocked enchanter.

    I am not sure that there is the same value for an invdividual any more (since the normalisation of all profession benefits I think enchanting has become much less appealing).

    My biggest problem (if you could call it that) is that enchanting is the hardest and most expensive profession to level (because you can’t efficiently farm the mats you need), provides enormous benefits to others yet makes little money. Unless you level an enchanter solely to d/e and sell mats its a massive loss making enterprise.

    Which would be fine, if anyone was even willing to acknowledge how much they get from enchanters for nothing.

  3. uberVU - social comments said,

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Hempia: https://silkwow.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/enchanting-you-cheap-cheap-bastards/ LOL I love it!…

  4. The year in review « WoW – Silk's Blog said,

    […] I don’t know – I don’t really have many “favourites”.  I like the enchanting post cause I have had that rant saved up since BC.  I think that paladins ARE the most disliked […]

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