Old guilds and guildies

November 10, 2009 at 2:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Anyone who has read my previous posts (and there must be some people lol) will know that I recently changed guilds twice.

It feels strange logging onto what was “my” vent, hearing the familiar voices excited about new kills or new fights or just ragging mercilessly on someone and not be a part of that any more.  Perhaps the most startling thing is how far past there I have gone so quickly.  Not merely in terms of progression (we’re working on H Anub and will almost certainly get Algalon 25 next week), but simply level of play and expectation.

I had an opportunity to raid with these guys again on some off content and, as I habitually do, I ran a log.  The distance between my healing and second was a little startling.  The difference between the execution that I have become used to in just these few short weeks and what used to be the norm is astounding.  For all that though the bosses died and the raid progressed.  I think I am beginning to see what attracted these guilds to me.  Some of the things that we did in my old guild ARE impressive.  2 healing heroic 10 man beasts (not having even cleared Faction Champs on 25 normal), clearing Freya basically without any 226 gear – these things are not exactly unheard of but they aren’t the norm.  Its just that the general standard is far too low.  Which is why my old guild progressed reasonably well at 10 mans and not at 25s.  Individual brilliance (if you could call it that) makes much more of a difference the smaller the raid.

The guild I joined that recently fell apart?  Its funny, I’ve basically forgotten a lot of the people there.  Some however I have maintained a connection with.  They are exceptional players and fun to be around.  I feel a little bad that basically I can no longer do relevant content with these guys without pissing off my new guild.  Some of the people who I had a great deal of respect for their abilities have basically disappeared.  Quite a few have server transferred.  I don’t miss the guild nearly as much – which stands to reason since I wasn’t there that long.

As for the new guys, there feels like a lot of turn over.  Their current rate of turnover is in fact unsustainable, but for other guilds on the server falling apart.  The great news is that they are unwilling to tolerate poor behaviour.  The less great news is that the raids recently have been well sloppy.  The group can turn it on when it needs to but far too much time is wasted.  For example on Monday it was over an hour between raid start and the first boss attempt and we only killed 1 trash mob. 

At this point however they are a serious threat for server firsts come Icecrown, assuming that everything holds up that long.  My personal feedback has been very positive, which is quite gratifying though in all honestly my results have been pretty good (though my general play hasn’t been fantastic).  For now at least, its fun to be a part of such a successful (relatively at least) group.


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