Bad raid weeks

November 14, 2009 at 2:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Heading is reasonably informative.  Its been a bad raid week thus far.  We got tribute to insanity on 10s.  With a badly undergeared alt healer no less.  That run was far from being without incident but that is truly another story.  Aside from that I have *not* had a good time in Azeroth these past 3 days.

I think I’ve mentioned before about bad days as a healer, the days were the second you take your eyes off your target he dies.  This wasn’t even like that.  It was the RNG gods tearing me a new asshole over and over again.  At least 6 – 10 times a tank took 50k+ damage inside of a second.  Maybe there is nothing that can be done about that but its exceptionally demoralising to wipe over and over again because of it.  Last week we reached Anub with almost a full set of attempts remaining.  This week we are yet to kill Faction Champs and we almost down to half.

I wasn’t the only one who was having a bad week.

I wouldn’t have thought much more of it but for last night.  Last night I went into a friend’s 10 man run.  Aside from me, there was a player with the legendary mace, two other starcallers and a death’s demise.  It was a brutal night of wipes the likes of which I hadn’t seen in months.  Plus bickering and complaining the whole way.  I was so dispirited when I logged off.  I had hoped for a night of quick, easy clearing to recharge my raiding batteries, not so much.  I actively avoided logging on today, knowing that my old guild raided tonight and simply not being able to face it.

Maybe its just a couple of off days strung together, and I did get insanity this week.  I am a little concerned for my new guild.  I am not so sure that they are stable, there are more applicants than raiders at the moment – fuelled by a continual influx of new raiders, mostly looking to skip the progression hurdle and get into hard modes.  Most aren’t ready.

I think I am a really good healer mostly because I have a lot of confidence in my abilities.  I’ve never met or raided with anyone I thought was better than me.  As good sure, but better?  not once.  And maybe I was wrong…


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