Icecrown raid structure

November 20, 2009 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

Its interesting, I don’t think I have ever been part of the Blizzard target raid dynamic.  I was a casual back before it was cool and became more hardcore at the same time that Blizzard went the other way.  See this.

I tell you this though, I just don’t understand why I am not allowed to go and explore and have fun in the new instance the way I want to.  I just don’t get it.  There are some truly baffling (and a couple of genuinely offensive) decisions in that thread.  In no particular order

Limited attempts

I do not like the limited attempt mechanic.  I have never liked it, because (1) I raid from Australia which means that connections and lag play a big part in my raids and (2) it actively discourages people from taking undergeared, underexperienced or underskilled players.  The idea that one person fucking up on Putricide takes away 20% of your attempts is ludicrous, especially on normal.  5 attempts is a stupidly small number, its like the pressure of tribute to insanity.  Since I’ve cleared ToGC 10 without wipes, having a single wipe at any stage of the raid means a step backwards.  I don’t have 50 attempts remaining, I have 1.

I don’t understand who this benefits?  It forces people to spend time out of game researching and reviewing strats (which is completely against the current Blizzard thinking – see the Cataclysm stat changes for example).  It actively punishes even the most casual raid team very heavily for even minor slip ups.  It encourages serious raid guilds to run alt raids and otherwise try and “game” more attempts.  In fact the only reason that I can see for it is to artificially extend the life of the content. 

We recently killed Algalon, which we did on the second attempt of our 4th week of trying.  I think we would have killed it in a single raid night had we been able to spend unlimited time on the fight, probably in about 2 and a half hours.  The fight itself is easier than firefighter in my opinion (which took us a full raid night basically).  However it took 4 weeks rather than a single day solely because of artificial time limitations.

Which concerns me, because after the debache (pronounced dee-bar-shay) of ToC, ICC and raiding in general needs to regain some credibility.  It concerns me that Blizzard has so little confidence in the life of this instance that they need to artificially extend it.

Heroic and normal sharing attempts and lockouts

So if I want to kill the Lich King that week I need to back off heroics before I run out of attempts or I am locked out of the top end of the instance?  Are you fucking serious??  What is it that people are supposed to do??

We raid three days a week (including both 10 and 25 man content).  At the moment we barely have enough content for that period of time.  If not for the struggles we have had in ToGC the last few weeks we’d have a full empty raid day.  Now I cannot for the life of me imagine ANYONE volunteering to spend more time in normal ToC so come 3.3 (which is 2 weeks away at most) our raid schedule will have about 11 bosses on it.  Algalon (maybe), Yogg +1 (again maybe), ToGC and the first four bosses in ICC.  I say maybe because I don’t see a lot of enthusiasm for full clearing Ulduar just for those bosses every week, even if it is pretty quick these days. 

We have a fair bit of 258 gear at the moment, which makes me think that ICC will be the faceroll that normal ToC was, so its going to take an hour a week for the first month.  After which we get a second wing and probably drop ToGC.  Until heroic modes unlock in 2 months there will not be more than 2 days raid content.  We aren’t a top guild by any stretch of the imagination either, we’re ranked about 500 in the US. 

“a sustainable, measured, and ultimately more enjoyable pace”

What is this bullshit?  Someone on mmo-champion compared this to fat kids with cake (an analogy that people liked), with all due respect, I am not interested in this paternalistic nonsense.  I think, as an adult male, I am more than capable of determining for myself what I find reasonable and enjoyable without Blizzards help.

Of course some people are in favour of this.  There are some people in favour of everything.  The most vocal supporters are the minority of vocal, jealous casuals.  I say jealous because, despite their bluster that they don’t care about the likes of Ensidia and that they can enjoy the game anyway they like, the truth is they actually want to be able to clear content like them and are pissed they can’t.  The whole casual vs hard core thing has gotten out of hand.  In both cases they are saying the same thing – that the other group doesn’t deserve to play the game the way they like.  Everyone has to play the game the way *I* do because if you played it exactly how I do, I’d be better than you and that makes you a shit person –  basically.

I don’t care at all if Ensidia clears the whole instance in a single day.  I do care that I’m probably going to be held back from the hard mode experience for 2 months because the developers seem to think that it matters how long the world first guilds take.

This takes some of the shine off ICC, I quite enjoyed Ulduar for a long time and no-one I’ve spoken to liked ToC – yet they are following the ToC model and not the Ulduar one.



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