December 18, 2009 at 11:23 am (Uncategorized)

Oddly enough, I’ve not had WoW for nearly 3 weeks (aside from some brief trips to the local internet cafe to raid).   I’ve been back on 2 days and yet I am bored. 

Now, unlike the abomination that was ToC, I think the first 4 bosses in ICC are well tuned.  They are not difficult but they aren’t immediately and easily puggable yet.  There are a lot of guilds that are not yet 4/4 coming to the end of the 2nd raid week.  Our first clear took most of a raid night (this week was about 90 mins).  The trouble is that there just isn’t that much else to do.

We burn through ToGC to Anub pretty easily (we are still a long way from an Anub kill – frustratingly, since we’ve been substantially held back by the inability of the tanks to correctly position the adds).  That is the only live content we have.  No real point in doing normal ToC.  No real interest in finishing the remaining Ulduar drake achievement (Yogg 1).

I tried the new 5 mans.  Words cannot express my absolute horror at some of the pugs I’ve gotten in the new dungeon finder.  The average dps’er has blue / green gear at or near 175 I-lvl.  Are you serious?  What have these people been doing the last 8 months?

Anyway, I’m going to bed 🙂


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