The year in review

December 24, 2009 at 8:10 am (Uncategorized)

I know – how cliched to do a “year in review” thing.  Screw it – I am going on holidays tomorrow (distinct in my mind from being unemployed – which I have been for 3 months, though I have a job now lol) and I feel like summing up.

Did this blog achieve what I set out to achieve?

Yes and no.  I don’t get many hits, or links.  Neither of these things worry me at all (ok only the slightest bit).  I have realised that I am a MUCH less good writer (that awful grammar was deliberate) than I thought I was.  I am ok with that.  I didn’t set out to be the best blogger – only to try and capture my thoughts on electronic paper AND to prove to myself that I could stick with this. 

So I regard my hundred hits a week as mostly a success.  I had some things to say – I still have some more – and I still want to blog.  I have not really become involved in anyway with the blogging community – which is somewhat surprising to me – and I am not sure if I want to?

On the downside, I prefer to be a smartass and this has mostly been a serious blog.  A serious blog about a game is something that I can’t admit to (oh and no-one I know in real life, and almost no-one I know in game, knows I write this – that awful grammar was not deliberate).

I also haven’t posted as often as I thought I would – I’ve kept to just under 2 posts a week when I thought I would do 3.  By and large they have ALL been rants too, something that surprised me.

Most popular post (lol)

By far my most viewed post is the one about healbot.  I have been meaning to do one for vuh’do as well (cause I am a total hit whore) – but vuh’do does a lot of things out of the box I had to trick healbot into doing.

My favourite post

So I skipped this question when first writing this… I don’t know – I don’t really have many “favourites”.  I like the enchanting post cause I have had that rant saved up since BC.  I think that paladins ARE the most disliked class in the gameThis post on the state of raiding and the vast chasm between normal and hard modes is almost insightful.  Almost lol

My best post

Hmm I think in terms of time and effort put into it this post on my spec is worth feeling proud of.  I also think that this piece on hybrids is well argued – not that I suspect people will support my position.

My worst post

Yeah there are a couple that I would not have written given a second chance – the one on my bad raid week was just straight out whining with a nice emo finish.  Despite setting my on the path that led to me joining a progression guild, this post on drama was also far too self indulgent.

Things I’ve learnt

Most bloggers are NOT that far along the progression line – they are thinkers about the game, not doers.  That almost all female bloggers are hot in my imagination (and in real life as I understand it) – apparently I like intellectuals.  That not every idea is a post (and apparently not every post has an idea).  That I post more often when I am pissed about something.  That I like toast….

Most random thing I’ve posted

Putting up this thing on people you meet on the forums was actually one of the reasons I started posting believe it or not – back when I believed I was going to be mostly funny and sarcastic.  It is of course now completely out of tune with the rest of the blog.  You know something *I* still think its reasonably funny.

In game in review

I have changed guilds 3 times.  I’ve been a recruit twice and an officer 3 times.  I’ve killed all hard modes currently open bar 3.  Mostly I’ve been happy to play along.  I have killed a lot more bosses than last year but none of them really stand out in my mind.  I think our Freya 3, 10 man kill was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in game.  I think killing Yogg Saron on 10 man was one of the most satisfying things (very closely followed by Mimiron pre nerf).  Fighting and killing Algalon was the most epic.


Find a way to use this blog to either (1) get rich or (2) get laid.  Post more quality more often.  Be more positive.  Maintain a shred of dignity instead of selling out at the drop of a hat (ie reject the first offer dammit!).

In game, I’ll regard this expansion as a success if I kill hard mode Arthas before he is nerfed out of sight.  I’d also like to be enthusiastic about Cataclysm (or unethusiastic enough I quit).

Final thought for the year

For the first time I met people in RL that I had first met in game, and I met some people in RL that played WoW and were interested in it.  A lot has changed for me in game and out in the last 12 months and I am grateful to have had at least one outlet here to vent stress about some of the unimportant stuff.



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  1. Pugnacious Priest said,

    🙂 Real raiders don’t have time to blog! – kidding.. but yes I do notice that a lot of bloggers don’t kill as much as you think they would, not that it’s a bad thing, I think all the hardcore raiders spend more time on their guild forums.

    It was a good year 🙂 and we got to guildys very breifly.. hope your next year is as good..

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