Putricide is easy when you drunkenly abuse your guildmates

January 17, 2010 at 8:42 am (Uncategorized)

So I am in this alt 10 man ICC run – well it was mostly mains but it was billed as the alt run.  I am not sure that I really SHOULD be in this run.  I am behind on badges and I really don’t like wiping on easy content.  Anyway we wtf pwn the first 6 bosses in very quick order.

And I am drinking…

And had been all afternoon…

So we wipe twice on Putricide – understandably cause most of us hadn’t killed it yet and some hadnt really done it.  One of the alts talks about how they had 3 sub 10% wipes in the Wednesday group (which was our first guild clear).  I am like fuck that shit; we get to phase 3 and the son bitch dies.

Anyway we have two 60% or so wipes and there is a long strategy discussion (or so I assume – they were talking strats when I got up to get more booze and still chatting about it when I came back).

So I decide that I will do what I used to do – and I call out all the things people need to watch (and make the disc priest go holy – disc offers little).

We kill it EASY – I let out a stream of obsensities at the end (something like “that’s how you fucking do it, none of this fucking around bullshit – pull your fingers out and fuck that shit up”).  Yeah I am awesome fun when I am a little cut.

Reckon I might have to have half a skinful Monday to ensure a kill.  I know PP agrees with me here.

PS I think Zah may get a bit miffed at me if I keep calling her PeePee – I may or may not be doing it for that reason…



  1. Pugnacious Priest said,

    Your calling me PP to annoy me 😛 – Most raids with drunk people I have been in haven’t ended as well as yours, I found that concentration levels slipped, and people spent more time giggling and being silly – but it doesnt sound like your a giggler 😛

  2. Sielu said,

    “….disc offers little”
    well mister, go die on fire.

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