Number 1 Alliance Guild on Server

February 2, 2010 at 11:07 am (Uncategorized)

So there was a massive implosion at the best alliance guild on server, which may or may not mean we become number 1.

Not that I think we really deserve it at the moment.  In fact scratch that.  I am not sure that “deserve” is the right terminology.  Server rank is largely unimportant, though its always nice to be near the top.

Fact is I am largely bored of raiding old content and the limited attempts on the new content is seriously limiting the interesting raid time we have.  I sat the Yogg 1 kill last week quite happily, and was glad not to have to go in and kill H Anub (main tank was hacked several times in one day).  We killed Algalol again, with some horrendous mistakes, but was unenthused.

I don’t know – I got the Ulduar 10 drake, which I really wanted but not the way I got it.  I am almost indifferent to Ulduar 25 and ToGC.  I want to hit H ICC hard but I am so sick of limited attempts.  For fuck sake let me at it!


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